The Cardiac Ordeal – a performed reading

This month’s performed reading is The Cardiac Ordeal, by Andrew Freudenberg. It’s a tense tale which involves the kidnapping of a toddler and the chilling lengths her dad goes to in order to try to recover her. (If this concerns you, rest assured there is no form of abuse either witnessed or intimated in the story.)

Show notes:

The Cardiac Ordeal can be found in Andrew Freudenberg’s collection: My Dead and Blackened Heart, published by The Sinister Horror Company.

It originally appeared in Great British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills, published by Black Shuck Books.

The Cardiac Ordeal is my fifth audio piece as ‘Fine-toothed Comb Productions’. Right now, it’s a hobby more than anything else. I’m learning the ropes in terms of narration, sound editing, soundscaping, mixing and the like, with a view to eventually adding Audio Production and Narration to the Services you can hire me for, here at The Fine-toothed Comb. I hope you enjoy it.

The future:

My plan is to release one new recording each month for the rest of 2021. I already have stories booked in from Steven Chapman, Alice J. Black, and Nicolas Papaconstantinou. That leaves space for authors in October, November and December. If you have a tale you’d like to hear me tell (between 4000 and 6000 words long) then please do drop me a line. All I ask is the flexibility to edit slightly for my ease of performance, and to be able to freely host the audio file on my website. I make no money from this.

Sound design and attribution:

All music and sounds are used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.

My regular Intro music is called The Fifth Life, by Circus Marcus.

My regular Outro music is called Post Bellum, by Dee Yan-Kee.

Both were sourced at Free Music Archive.

As with my previous piece, I was unable to source a generic soundscape to cover the whole of The Cardiac Ordeal. I’ve patched together something from various traffic noises, sirens, a toddler and the like. Do they add to or distract from the reading? I’d value your feedback.

Those sound effects are as follows:

Baby1 by NoiseCollector

Office Ambience by 170026

bell_school_ringing by deleted_user_389799

UK ambulance siren pass by kwahmah_02

traffic along flat LONG 130104_00 by Klankbeeld

London bus by Magnetic_Giraffe

Climbing a ladder-taking a glas (sic) from sideboard by Vampirella17

Climbing down from tree by sidequesting

Squeaky stairs (sneaking) by Erik Pritzens

Cat Meowing_Yowl_far by _stubb

Rooftop city neighbourhood morning, distant traffic, resident activity by risto_alcinov

Taser / High voltage discharge by The_Chemical_Workshop Your work, elevated.

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Bookmark my Performed Readings link. It’s a one-stop destination for all my past and also upcoming recordings.

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