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The Fine-toothed Comb – because words matter.

Whether we’re writing fact or fiction, we all have a story to tell. I know how hard it can be to evoke the right feelings, to communicate the right message, to carry your readers with you. It is my job – and my pleasure – to help elevate your work. My name is Dion Winton-Polak. Here’s what my clients think of me:


George Sandison, owner of Unsung Stories

George Sandison – Publisher – Unsung Stories

Dion proves himself very thorough and accurate in his work with us, and has shown a particular sensitivity to and respect for the author’s work. His enthusiasm for the project is coupled with his professional manner and reliability with deadlines.”


Graeme Reynolds, owner/publisher of Horrific Tales.

Graeme Reynolds – Publisher – Horrific Tales Publishing

Dion is my go-to editor for UK novels. He has a great eye for detail and a tireless work ethic. He’s a joy to work with.”


Steve J. Shaw – Publisher – Black Shuck Books

The thing with Dion is that his passion and enthusiasm shows through in every project he works on. From conception to final proof, his level of dedication is second to none.”


Ross Warren, owner of Dark Minds Press

Ross Warren – Publisher – Dark Minds Press

The Fine-toothed Comb isn’t just Dion’s business name, it’s his mission statement too. The editing work he undertook on our behalf was insightful, comprehensive and assured. Turnaround times were fantastic and the whole process worked like a dream.”


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K.T. Davies, author of The Red Knight.

K.T. Davies – The Red Knight

Dion gave me valuable, comprehensive and thorough structural insights on a project I’m working on. It was a worthy investment, and I would certainly recommend him.”


Paul Kane, author of The Rot.

Paul KaneThe Rot

I found Dion professional to work with and the book was all the better for his edits. I’d definitely recommend him.”


Malcolm DevlinYou Will Grow Into Them

Dion is a fine editor. Excellent attention to detail. I feel very lucky to have had him on my side.”


Allen Stroud, author of Fearless and co-author of the Phoenix Point stories.

Allen StroudFearless / Phoenix Point: The Briefing)

Dion was a diligent and important contributor in the development of my novel from draft to draft. He picked up a few crucial mistakes, and also asked important and challenging questions, with a view to strengthening the story and how it was being delivered.”


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Angeline Trevena, featured in Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies. Author of The Paper Duchess series and The Memory Trader Series.

Angeline TrevenaSilkwash / Steadyard / Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies

I must say that the biggest thing for me has been how personable and approachable you are. You feel like a real person, rather than a red pen! I found your editing both sympathetic and strict, which is exactly the balance it needs to be. You helped me improve my story, particularly in ranking up the emotion.”


Author image - Stephen Aryan

Stephen AryanThe Coward

Dion was very thorough, and his attention to detail was excellent. I would heartily recommend him to those seeking an editor.”


Kit Power, author of A Warning About Your Future Enslavement...

Kit PowerA Warning about Your Future Enslavement that You Will Dismiss as a Collection of Short Stories and Essays

Courteous, professional, thorough – Dion seems to instinctively grasp that the role of a good editor is to help shape and hone the text into the best it can possibly be. Unafraid to make bold suggestions, he’s also deeply responsive to a writer’s vision and voice.”


Author image - Stuart R. Brogan

Stuart R. BroganWild Hunters

Professional, with a great eye for detail. I was very impressed and will be using Dion for future projects.”


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Penny Jones, author of Matryoshka

Penny JonesMatryoshka

Dion is a passionate and professional editor with a keen eye for detail. His enthusiasm and approachability made all the difference. I felt secure in the knowledge that any changes he suggested would ensure that my novella was the best it could be.”


Author image - Joseph Elliott-Coleman

Joseph Elliott-Coleman – The Frostfeld Saga

Easily the most comprehensive and forensic feedback I’ve ever received. Proximity sometimes breeds blindness and you’ve pointed out many issues that I was oblivious to. It was a lot to swallow, but I immediately saw the truth in it. You’ve done more for me with a simple essay on my manuscript’s strengths and faults than all the years of ghosting, radio silence, and form rejections. I cannot put into words how much this means to me. Thank you.”


Eric Nash

Eric Nash – Along the Corpse Road / Sex Death & Moonbeams

Dion is a dedicated editor who works with the writer to make their story sing. His respect for both the work and the authorial style, combined with his skill and professionalism, have made him my first call for future projects.”


Author image: Zachary Ashford

Zachary AshfordWhen the Cicadas Stop Singing

Working with Dion was a pleasure. From the initial overview via Zoom to the final pass, he was dedicated to bringing out the best in my work. He was challenging when he needed to be, knowledgeable about the genre, personable and professional to work with. I found myself bouncing ideas off Dion during our discussions about the book, which was a huge benefit to me. I would recommend him to anyone, and would happily return myself. He is a gentleman, a scholar, and a damned fine editor.”

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Author image - Cristina MîrzoiCristina Mîrzoi – The Headsman

Dion was very thorough and patient. Although he put a lot of work into my initial text, I could still read it in my voice and feel that it’s still my story and my intention. I can tell that he loves doing this; all the guidance and recommendations improved the story in ways I didn’t even think possible and drew me out of my comfort zone. English is not my first language so I was rather anxious about releasing a story for an English-speaking market at first. I now believe that an excellent editor like Dion will give any non-native English speaker enough confidence to take a chance.”


Author image - Barry Nugent

Barry NugentTrail of the Cursed Cobras

My story was all the better for his input. Any challenging advice or questions were always tempered with kindness, patience and humour. It was a fantastic collaborative experience, and I would use him again in a heartbeat.”


Mike Garley, author of The Return of the Samurai Slasher.

Mike GarleyThe Night Before / The Return of the Samurai Slasher

Dion’s feedback was clear, concise, and extremely helpful. I wouldn’t think twice about using him again!”


Mike Chinn, featured in This Twisted Earth (vol. 1)

Mike ChinnThis Twisted Earth (Vol.1)

It was fun. Glad to say, it wasn’t too traumatic. I knew there were likely to be a few tweaks to help continuity (since I was submitting to a shared world book that was evolving all the time) but you also made suggestions that strengthened the story on its own merits.”


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Cover image: Sunny with a Chance of Zombies. Various zombies at a barbecue, the sun high in the sky.

Nikki Tanner – Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies

This was my first experience with an editor, and you made it a pleasant one. I was worried that things would be changed without my permission, I wouldn’t get a final say in things, etc. I am anxious by nature, but the process was a lot less stressful that I thought it would be. And I genuinely believe that you helped make my story better.”


CC Adams, author of There Goes Pretty

C.C. AdamsThere Goes Pretty / Downwind Alice

He brings the open mind and patience to see what the creator is trying to convey, and work with them to deliver that vision – never losing sight of the fact that it’s the author’s story to tell. A consummate professional. I have no qualms in recommending his services to anyone looking to tighten and polish their work.”


Rich Hawkins, author of The Cold.

Rich HawkinsThe Cold

Dion kicked my arse, editing-wise, but in a polite and really helpful way. Easily one of the best editors I’ve worked with. He’s so thorough he’ll probably edit this testimonial for me.”


Paul Melhuish, author of High Cross.

Paul MelhuishHigh Cross

Dion has an eye for details, picking up on small facts and inconsistencies to make it all the more believable. He balances the need to change parts with a sensitive approach – a testament to his skills as a negotiator. He encouraged me to think through changes myself, and any suggestions he made were well thought-out. He never forgets that this is your book, and his support and patience make the editing experience a rewarding process.”



David Baume, author of Cat's Eyes, Road Safety, With All My Love, and Dry Stone Wall.

David Baume – Cat’s Eyes / Road Safety / With All My Love / Dry Stone Wall

You need your writing to be as good as it can possibly be, while still being yours, in your voice. You need a suggestion on how to make that difficult and vital paragraph a lot clearer than it is now. You need to know that you’ve got the psychology of your characters straight – or properly crooked! You need Dion. He’s there for you. You’ll thank me.”


Cover image: The Degeneration of Hortensia Phrigg, by Hereward L.M. Proops

Hereward L. M. Proops – The Degeneration of Hortensia Phrigg / This Twisted Earth (Vol.1)

I hate editing – I tend to put it off for ages. I’ve had other edits done on short stories I’ve published but they have largely been cosmetic changes and have certainly not been such a collaborative process. I was worried that I’d feel a bit ‘precious’ about making changes but your comments were so constructive that it didn’t feel like I was tearing the heart out of my story.”


Cover image: This Twisted Earth (Vol. 1). Blue and green strands intertwined like DNA on a black background, surrounding the names of the contributers.

Andrew Coulthard – This Twisted Earth (Vol.1)

Dion is possessed of a keen eye for detail tempered with a loving grasp of the narrative whole. His passionate editorial approach is driven by the uncompromising desire to facilitate a finished work that is both as accomplished and complete as possible.”


Cover image: Sunny with a Chance of Zombies. Various zombies at a barbecue, the sun high in the sky.

Chris Bauer – Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies

I’m amazed this is your first go as an editor. I’ve been impressed by the speed and precision of your responses, the organizational abilities displayed thus far and the excitement for the project you convey to all participants. I can honestly not think of a single interaction which could’ve been improved upon.”


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Cover image: This Twisted Earth (Vol. 1). Blue and green strands intertwined like DNA on a black background, surrounding the names of the contributers.

Jacob Prytherch – This Twisted Earth (Vol.1)

You went into a level of detail that I hadn’t experienced before, which was difficult for me as my confidence is paper thin, but you dealt with it in such a way that I wanted to improve, and kept coming back for more! You were also far less dictatorial than it seems a lot of editors are. You explain the reasons for your suggestions, accept it when there is a (valid) reason not to change something, and also accept when you thought you made a mistake, which shows a great strength of character.”


Cover image: Sunny with a Chance of Zombies. Various zombies at a barbecue, the sun high in the sky.

Marc Kadushin – Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies

This was my first time working with an editor and you made it a very pleasant experience. I thought the editing process would be a bit overwhelming, but you made it manageable and relatively stress free.


Cover image: This Twisted Earth (Vol. 1). Blue and green strands intertwined like DNA on a black background, surrounding the names of the contributers.

Matt Lewis – This Twisted Earth (Vol.1) / Karmic Chicken

There was never a change without a valid justification and you were open to a dialogue which ended in a mutually approved draft. The enthusiasm counted for a lot and eased the sting of any criticisms or change requests. All your changes seemed well-informed and came from a place with an eye to improve the story. There was no feeling that you wished to stamp your influence on it or were heading off on the wrong path. It all seemed to be good-hearted, effective prose-polishing and I got a general sense of the writing getting tighter and dead wood being shaved. Which is exactly what a person would pay for.”

Fames of Mira cover
Clay Harmon
The Headsman by Cristine Mirzoi
Cristina Mîrzoi
Cover image: Trail of the Cursed Cobras
Barry Nugent
The Coward
Stephen Aryan
Cover image: Steadyard
Angeline Trevena
Cover image: The Thirty-third Owl
Jane Burnard
Wild Hunters - cover
Stuart R. Brogan
Cover image: There Goes Pretty
C.C. Adams
Cover Image: Matryoshka, by Penny Jones
Penny Jones
Cover image: The Degeneration of Hortensia Phrigg, by Hereward L.M. Proops
Hereward L.M. Proops
Cover image: Silkwash
Angeline Trevena
Cover image: The Return of the Samurai Slasher, by Mike Garley
Mike Garley
Cover image: The Cold, by Rich Hawkins
Rich Hawkins
Cover image: Fearless, by Allen Stroud
Allen Stroud
Cover image: Phoenix Point: The Briefing
Jonas Kyratzes & Allen Stroud
Cover image: Weed, by Joseph D'Lacey
Joseph D'Lacey
Cover image: Downwind Alice, by C.C. Adams
C.C. Adams
Cover image: High Cross, by Paul Melhuish
Paul Melhuish
Cover image: The House of Frozen Screams, by Thana Niveau
Thana Niveau
Cover image: The Rot, by Paul Kane
Paul Kane
Cover image: You Will Grow Into Them, by Malcolm Devlin
Malcolm Devlin
Cover image: The Veil, by Joseph D'Lacey
Joseph D'Lacey
Cover image 2: A Warning, by Kit Power
Kit Power
Cover image: Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies, by Dion Winton-Polak
Dion Winton-Polak
Cover image: This Twisted Earth, by Dion Winton-Polak
Dion Winton-Polak
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