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When times are tight it can be hard forking out for an editor, yet every good writer relies on our expertise to elevate their work.

You can already spread the expense of my services with the Affordable Payment Plan. I have now introduced an additional mechanism so your loved ones can help you with the cost – or indeed so you can help the writers in your life:


Fine-toothed Comb Gift Vouchers


These can either be used for the specific service listed on them (at no extra cost), or you may prefer to put their stated monetary value towards the cost of a larger editing project.

In order to save waste, these will typically come in the form of e-coupons. However, for a £3 surcharge I can produce a nice-looking physical voucher (if you wanted something to pop into a card, say).


The current prices are as follows:

Performed Reading   £200  (max. 10000 words)

Short Story Full Edit   £80  (max. 5000 words)

Deep Editing Sample   £50  (max. 3000 words)


This is a real bargain for folks who want a short story edited. *Around a third cheaper than normal!

It’s even more of a bargain for people who want a performed reading of their story. I recorded a variety of short stories in 2021 as a hobby and garnered a wonderfully warm response, so I am now offering the service professionally. As such, I have decided to offer a **limited edition gift voucher which will buy the service for *** two thirds of the usual price. It’s a steal. See what my authors thought of my performances on the Audio Testimonials page.


Click here for further Terms and Conditions.


* This claim is based upon an average editing speed of 1000 words per hour at my current rate of £25 per hour. Thus, a 5000 word story would normally cost £125 compared to the £80 cost of a gift voucher. Quality of writing will, as always, impact upon the editing speed. Note, if your wordcount exceeds the stated maximum, additional charges may apply.

** I will be withdrawing this voucher from sale on April 5th 2023. If the Performed Reading gift vouchers return thereafter, the price will rise. Why? See below.

*** The time it takes to prepare the manuscript, record the performance and mix the audio would usually cost you £300. Your work, elevated.

Further Reading:

You can hear my first Performed Readings on my Audio page free of charge.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please use my Contact page.

Find out what my clients think with my Editing Testimonials and my Audio Testimonials.




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