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When times are tight it can be hard to justify the cost of hiring an editor, yet all writers need the support and expertise we bring. We are a vital part of the process.

You can already spread the expense of my services with the Affordable Payment Plan. However, now I am introducing a system so your loved ones can help you with the cost:

Fine-toothed Comb Gift Vouchers.

Deep Editing Sample - Test the waters free from commitment. See how the whole process works, and what it feels like. Discover how The Fine-toothed Comb helps to elevate your work. E-mail with your gift code (overleaf). While you're there, ask about the Affordable Payment Plan.

Short Story Full Edit - Get your short story shining, ready for submission. Full copy- and line edit up to 5000 words + careful guideline check. Multiply your chances of being published. E-mail with your gift code (overleaf). While you're there, ask about the Affordable Payment Plan.

Performed Reading - Bring your writing to life for a whole new audience. Deliver unique content to your ardent supporters. Grab the attention of publishers, agents, and producers. E-mail with your gift code (overleaf). While you're there, ask about the Affordable Payment Plan.
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These can either be used for the particular service specified upon them, or if you prefer, you may put the cost of the vouchers towards a larger editing project.

To prevent paper waste, these will come in the form of e-coupons but for a £3 surcharge I can produce a nice-looking physical voucher – if you wanted something to pop into a card, say.

The current prices are as follows:

Performed Reading   £100  (max. 6000 words)

Short Story Full Edit   £50  (max. 5000 words)

Deep Editing Sample   £30  (max. 3000 words)

Click on a link or image to enquire further and/or request your vouchers.


This is a real bargain for folks who want a short story edited. *Half Price, practically!

It’s even more of a bargain for people who want a performed reading of their story. Whilst I have already recorded a variety of short stories, this will be the first time I have offered the service professionally. As such, I have decided to offer a **limited edition gift voucher until December 31st 2021 which will buy the service for *** less than Half Price. It’s an absolute steal. See what my first clients thought of my work on my Audio Testimonials page.

Note: If the word count is exceeded, additional costs may apply. E-mail me with details to enquire.


Terms and Conditions:


Each voucher is only ever worth the face value at time of purchase.

The person purchasing the vouchers will receive an invoice confirming the cost. This may be used as evidence should a validity dispute arise.



Each voucher may only be used in a single transaction.

However, multiple services may be purchased in a single transaction

e.g. a £100 Performed Reading gift voucher could be used to purchase 2 x Short Story Full Edit (at the current voucher cost of £50 per max 5000 word short story) at the same time, or potentially a single story up to 10000 words.

Vouchers may be used in combination for their purchase value towards a larger editorial project. As face values may change over time with new vouchers being issued, a record will be kept of each voucher at time of purchase.

No credit or change will be given on the unused portion of a voucher. However, should the voucher recipient wish to break down a larger voucher to smaller denominations prior to usage (e.g. because they only have 1 x short story they need edited at present), this will be considered. Please e-mail to discuss matters.



The Fine-toothed Comb gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

There will be no replacement of lost or stolen gift vouchers.


Voucher ownership

As an anti-forgery protection, the intended recipient of the voucher must be divulged to The Fine-toothed Comb at the time of purchase.

Once purchased for that recipient, gift vouchers may not be sold or transferred to a different person unless

  1. The purchaser e-mails to inform me of the transfer, including the name of the new recipient or
  2. The originally-named recipient e-mails to inform me of the transfer, including the name of the new recipient.


Voucher Validation

Each voucher will include a unique validation code which must be given to The Fine-toothed Comb when the recipient uses it.

Once the validation code and recipient name have been confirmed on the database, the voucher will be considered used. It cannot be used again. The voucher will be represented on the invoice, and the service (and/or value) marked as paid.



Gift vouchers will not be redeemable after their expiry date.

If extenuating circumstances have prevented the use of a voucher before its expiration, the recipient or purchaser may e-mail to discuss matters. A replacement voucher may then be issued at the discretion of the business.

(Correct as of 24/11/2021)


Please Note

These Terms and Conditions shall be updated at any time without notice where appropriate. Should this happen, all alterations will be clearly marked and dated.

The Fine-toothed Comb endeavours to be fair to all of its customers, so if any alterations disproportionately affect you (or the recipient), please make your case via e-mail to



* This claim is based upon an average editing speed of 1000 words per hour at my current rate of £20 per hour. Thus, a 5000 word story would normally cost £100 compared to the £50 cost of a gift voucher. Quality of writing will, as always, impact upon the editing speed.

** I will be withdrawing this voucher from sale on January 1st 2022. If the Performed Reading gift vouchers return thereafter, the price will undoubtedly be higher. Why? See below.

*** It currently takes me an average of 2.5 days to prepare, record, and mix the audio. I currently value that time at £250. Your work, elevated.

Further Reading:

You can hear my first Performed Readings on my Audio page free of charge.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please use my Contact page.

Find out what my clients think with my Editing Testimonials and my Audio Testimonials.




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