Principle, promises and values

Writing is a very personal business, and entrusting someone with your manuscript can be a daunting prospect. It feels appropriate therefore, to set out the principles that guide me and the values I hold personally. You may judge me by them and hold me to them.

Dion Winton-Polak - The Fine-toothed Comb

Business Principles

I will earn the trust placed in me.

I will be guided by the needs of my clients.

I will continue to pursue professional development.


The Working Partnership Promise

For my part, I promise that

I will ensure mutual understanding.

I will complete all my work in good time.

I will maintain a strong line of communication.

I will act with integrity, warmth, and professionalism.

I will always give the client the final choice. It is their book.

I will be clear and honest in my advice for elevating the project.


Personal Values

I value inclusivity, honesty, friendship, equity, integrity; I value people who act with sincerity and with honour; I value the scientific method, accountability, people with the humbleness to admit mistakes, and who seek to learn from them.



I favour nuanced and evidence-led discussion over tub-thumping and uninformed opinion. However, there are some issues which I deem entirely binary. There is no middle ground when lives hang in the balance, so let me be very clear. If a would-be client rejects

the pandemic

the equality of women

the assertion that Love is Love

the assertion that Black Lives Matter

the inherent human value of disabled people

the assertion that Trans Rights are Human Rights

then, whether they are actively sowing division and hatred or simply promulgating harmful conspiracy theories, I would respectfully ask that they seek a different editor. I have no duty nor obligation to work with such people, and I choose not to. I want my business to be successful, but not at the cost of my soul. Your work, elevated.

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