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Fine-toothed Comb Productions – bringing your words to life.

Your story lives and breathes in your mind, but careless readers can miss much of the nuance and power. A considered performance help transport the listener in ways that words on a page can struggle to achieve. It is my job – and my pleasure – to help your readers experience your work as never before.

My name is Dion Winton-Polak. Here’s what my clients think of me:


Priya Sharma - author of Mari Lwyd

Priya SharmaMari Lwyd

Dion’s recording of my story Mari Lwyd surpassed all my expectations. His understanding of the text shows in his performance, as well as his choice of sound effects and music. He is meticulous about detail and wanted to ensure I was happy at every stage of production. I mentioned that it would be nice to have a Welsh language version as the story is based in a Welsh custom and Dion went the extra mile to produce that.


Stewart Hotston - author of Killing Hitler is Easy

Stewart HotstonKilling Hitler is Easy

Dion’s voice is just the right kind of smooth and with just the right kind of pace to really allow the words of my story to come to life. There’s no rushing, no faltering and a huge amount of emotion in the way he interprets and tells the story. I listened to it with completely fresh ears – finding something new there and I was the one who wrote it!.”


Laura Mauro - author of Lady Grinning Soul

Laura MauroLady Grinning Soul

Dion absolutely brings Lady Grinning Soul to life with his reading, and I could not be more delighted with the result. He clearly understands the characters and their story, and the care taken over the additional sounds lift this from a standard reading to a fully realised piece of art. I’ve always been keen on increasing the accessibility of my fiction, so to be able to offer full narration to readers who may struggle with text is a wonderful thing. Dion gives his full attention to create something uniquely tailored to the story. I cannot recommend him enough.”


James Bennett - author of Kabaret und Gläs and the Ben Garston novels

James BennettKabaret und Gläs

If you’re looking for an insightful and professional eye on your work, you can’t do better than The Fine-toothed Comb. Dion’s approach to an audio version of my short story was dedicated, enthusiastic and fun, with smart and highly constructive advice at all stages of the production. Dion is a great listener and a joy to collaborate with, quickly identifying pronunciation points and narrative issues, and smoothing out any niggles. The result was a virtuoso performance! With effective sound effects, clear vocals and great pacing, Dion brought the story to life. There’s no question about it. I’ll be using the Fine-toothed Comb again in future.”


Nicolas Papaconstantinou - author of The Room Next Door

Nicolas PapaconstantinouThe Room Next Door

Dion recently performed readings of several stories from my book ‘The Room Next Door’ for an audio project. The stories chosen were varied in tone and style but Dion approached and read each one individually, creating completely distinct experiences. He far exceeded my expectations. Lovely work!”


John Travis - author of We, the Remedials

John TravisWe, the Remedials

Hearing one of my stories read aloud – and read so well – is one of the highlights of my writing life. As well as supplying a superb reading (complete with a range of different voices and sound effects), I can say hand on heart that the story I grinned through for thirty-nine proud minutes – was mine; any slight changes that had been made were there (as was explained beforehand) to aid in the performance of the story. The spirit of it, the integrity, whatever you want to call it – was there in every second of the finished product. If I’m lucky to have any further stories recorded, I hope they are up to the quality Dion brought to this one.”


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Steven Chapman - author of Le Mort VivantSteven ChapmanLe Mort Vivant pt 1 & pt 2

Dion is the epitome of professionalism, and shows that he truly cares about you and your story from the start to the end of the process. When he brought it to life, I felt the giddy pleasure of listening to my own story as if it was the first time. I’m extremely pleased with the end results.”


Andrew Freudenberg - author of The Cardiac Ordeal

Andrew FreudenbergThe Cardiac Ordeal

For me the two most important parts of a performed reading are style and vocal tone. As soon as I heard Dion’s performance I knew that he had both in abundance. It’s an extremely joyous feeling for a writer to hear one’s work recorded at a professional level, and that’s what Dion offers. He’s a pleasure to deal with, and I have no hesitation in recommending his work.”


Pippa Bailey - author of Christmas Fare

Pippa BaileyChristmas Fare

With his professional audio production bringing a theatrical air to Christmas Fare, you find yourself pulled straight into a glistening winter’s day. Dion was able to encapsulate the festive spirit and introduce magic to my story in a way words alone could not do. I highly recommend choosing him for your next short-story audio production.”


Penny Jones - author of Swimming Out to SeaMatryoshka

Penny JonesSwimming Out to Sea

Dion’s reading are always beautiful. An insightful look on my original story. Dion was a pleasure to work with every step of the way.”


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Lex Jones - author of The Shape off the Bow

Lex JonesThe Shape off the Bow

Listening to this was one of the highpoints of my writing career. The voice acting, the creaking sounds of the old ship, the waves, it was all just perfect. As the story progresses, the protagonist becomes increasingly fearful and desperate, and you could absolutely hear this in Dion’s voice. The whole thing felt like listening to a classic horror radio play. I was absolutely blown away with the quality of it. As I listened, I found myself getting utterly sucked in to the performance, repeatedly forgetting that this was my own story. If you’re a writer who’s even half-considered getting a dramatic reading, I can 100% recommend that you get in touch with Dion. I promise you won’t regret it.”


Photobombing the unstoppable authors

Dion Winton-PolakFrom Tappet Woods

I enjoyed the hell out of hearing my story read out loud. It was like Dion was in my own mind, knowing just how I wanted each scene, each character to land. [Ed. Well he would, wouldn’t he? Cheeky sod, I can’t believe you’ve come on here to flog yourself like this. You’ll get complaints Put something negative in to balance things up. Go on!] Fine. Okay. The sound quality wasn’t the best for his first few efforts, but he’s upgraded his equipment since then. It’s pukka stuff. You should give him a whirl.

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