We, the Remedials – a performed reading

Hello! We, the Remedials, welcome you to our humble hotel. We trust you will have a pleasant, comfortable and enlightening stay with us, however long it may last. If you find that you need anything, be sure and ask – that is why we are here, after all!

This is the latest of my performed readings, bringing your writing to life and hopefully helping to find you a few more readers. In this peculiar tale, our unremarkable hero finds himself out of his depth in the big city and trapped in a waking nightmare. Welcome to The Remedial. It’s been waiting for you.

Show notes:

We, the Remedials can be found in John Travis‘ new collection, Gaseous Clay and Other Ambivalent Tales, from Eibonvale Press. The story was originally featured in At Ease with the Dead, from Ash-Tree Press.

The future:

We, the Remedials is my seventh audio piece as ‘Fine-toothed Comb Productions’. I’m still learning the ropes in terms of narration, audio editing, soundscaping, and the like, but I will shortly be adding Narration and Audio Editing to the available Services here at The Fine-toothed Comb.

My plan is to release one new recording each month up to Jan 2022. I have stories booked in from Alice J. Black, Nicolas Papaconstantinou and James Bennett. That leaves space for authors in December and January. If you have a tale you’d like me to narrate (between 4000 and 6000 words long) then please do drop me a line. All I ask is the flexibility to edit slightly for my ease of performance, and to be able to freely host the audio file on my website. You’ll get a copy of the file to host/use as you wish one month after release. I make no money from this run of test-pieces, but please do check with your publisher before volunteering; I don’t want to fall foul of any legal disputes.

Sound design and attribution:

All music and sounds are used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.

My regular Intro music is called The Fifth Life, by Circus Marcus.

My regular Outro music is called Post Bellum, by Dee Yan-Kee.

This month I also used additional music as the background to the mysterious art gallery and hotel.

The gallery tunes are The Ocean in a Drop and A Drop in the Ocean, both by Gotama.

The endless lunacy music of The Remedial Hotel is called Say Oui, by Planet Wardo.

All of these were sourced at Free Music Archive.

As with my previous pieces, I patched together various sound effects to add a little texture. I’m interested to know if listeners find such things atmospheric or irritating? Constructive feedback is welcomed as always. Please post in the Comments section below.

The sound effects in this recording are as follows:

traffic – along – flat – long by klankbeeld

Walking Around Inside a Rotating Door by IESP

Heavy Rain by lebaston100

Sliding Door Ten Bogaerde by soundslikewillem

Wooden Door 2 by Sheyvan

Fly 1 by Benboncan

Bow drawn by Paveroux

Arrow Hit 03 by Yap_Audio_Production

slice apple on wood_fizz by bajko

thefinetoothed.com Your work, elevated.

Further Reading:

If you enjoyed We, the Remedials, you may enjoy my other performed readings – available for free on my Audio page.

If you would like me to record some of your work, talk to me via my Contact page.

If you’re a podcaster who wants help editing the audio, I’d be happy to discuss rates and work out a schedule.



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