Swimming Out to Sea – a performed reading

Welcome back, one and all. I’ve had a fair few people stick up their hands to get a story recorded for this, my monthly foray into audio narration. This half-hour horror comes from the mind of the wonderful Penny Jones. It’s a quietly disturbing tale of disorientation, set at the seaside on a roasting-hot day. Swimming Out To Sea was originally featured in The Black Room Manuscripts vol. 4 from The Sinister Horror Company, but it can also be found in Suffer Little Children, Penny’s micro-collection for Black Shuck Books.


The last two recordings suffered by being too quiet. I’m not sure if it was a technological issue or or caused by user-error, but this particular file has come out significantly better – thanks to the ‘amplify’ feature on my software. (Yeah, I know. Shut up. This is just a hobby for now. I’m enjoying the learning experience, and I’m definitely getting there, bit by bit. )

I have 5 more authors lined up already, but if you want to be added to my list then please do get in touch. This is a cost-free service at present, on the understanding that I am still very much honing my performance and audio mastering skills, and with the proviso that I may share the audio file freely here on my blog. You can email me at dion [at] thefinetoothed [dot] com you can send me a DM via social media, or simply pop a comment in the box below if you’re interested. Be sure to check with your publisher if this is okay.

In the credits, I mention a couple of resources, which I’ll link to here. First up, there’s the Free Music Archive, where I found both my Intro music: The Fifth Life, by Circus Marcus, and also my Outro music: Post Bellum, by Dee Yan-Kee. Secondly, we have Freesound, where I found the lapping waves that underscore this story. They were recorded by Klankbeeld.

That’s about it from me. I’ll be back next week with my review of The Wolf Among Us.

All the best,


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If you enjoyed Swimming Out To Sea, you may be interested in my previous recordings.

First up was From Tappet Woods – my own story – and then there was The Shape Off The Bow – by Lex H Jones.

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