From Tappet Woods – a performed reading

Hello, my lovelies. Feb 20th is my birthday, so I thought I’d give you all a gift: an hour of audio entertainment, written and performed by yours truly.

‘From Tappet Woods’ was my attempt at creating a story in the vein of M.R. James—classical in tone, cosy yet unnerving, ambiguous and hopefully atmospheric. I’ll let the listener judge my success.  I recorded the story recently as a means to test out some new audio equipment, and I was so pleased with the results, I decided to put it out into the world.

The recording I present here is entirely free of charge. A gift, as I say, to anyone who wants to hear it.


Sketch of a pile of boulders and stones on apparently aged paper.
‘Behind this pile, almost invisible against the wall as I crept around, I now saw two thin sticks, purpose-cut, jutting upright, with something reddish hanging between them, largely obscured by the rocks. The sharp smell of woodsmoke cut through the damp fetor quite distinctly now, and a chill rushed up my spine.’

(There’s a ‘but’ coming. Do you feel it?)

‘From Tappet Woods’ was originally published in a charity anthology called ‘Beneath The Leaves’, from Burdizzo Books. All monies raised from its sales have been – and will continue to be – donated to NAPAC, the National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

I really hope you enjoy the story and my performance. If so, perhaps you’ll consider buying Beneath The Leaves. Alternatively, you can make a small donation to NAPAC directly. Just click on the button to go to their site. Whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

Donate to NAPAC

And if it’s not your cup of tea? (Tastes varying, as they do.) Well, perhaps you could share this post instead. Help me find its audience.

In the credits, I mention a couple of resources, which I’ll link to here. First up, there’s the Free Music Archive, where I found both my Intro music – The Fifth Life, by Circus Marcus, and my Outro music – Post Bellum, by Dee Yan-Kee. Secondly, we have Freesound, where I found the fireplace that underscores this story. It was recorded by Hansende.

Thank you all.

Dion. Your work, elevated.

I’ll see you next week with another blog post. Right now, I’m off to enjoy some quality time with my family.

In the meantime, feel free to drop any feedback in the Comments section below or get in touch via social media. I’d love to chat.


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If you’d like to follow my audio adventures, as I progress in the hobby, bookmark my Audio link.

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