Flashes of inspiration #8 – Challenge

Evening all, I’m back from New Zealand and burning to write. Let’s get back to our Flashes of Inspiration then, shall we? A friend shared some pretty bizarre stock images on Facebook the other day, and this one grabbed me as being particularly provocative. It seems pretty clear that there’s a nasty connection between the corpse and the girl, but what’s the story behind it? Is evil looking us in the eye, does it lie in the coffin, or perhaps behind the camera? Is the body real, or is this part of an elaborate prank? There are so many possibilities whizzing through my brain. I hope you’ll join me in crafting some kind of narrative from it.

Your word limit is 400. Your key words are:




As ever, you’re welcome to use slight variations on these words, so long as the root is clearly the same. Let’s have some fun. Your deadline is midnight at end of Wednesday 22nd May (GMT). I’ll open it all up for voting on the following day, providing I can get the software up and running again. Worst comes to the worst, I can always just pick a winner. Anyway, taking part is the thing. Challenging the brain and practicing our craft. Well, what are we waiting for? Go, go, go!

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