Flashes of inspiration #7 – Challenge

Morning all. First up, congratulations to Caroline Polley for her victory with When In Cyberia in the last contest. Her prize will be winging its way to her soon. The creativity train never stops though, so on we go to the next competition. We have another image to get the grey cells chugging but how will you take it? Will you come up with an anthropomorphic crime drama, a Planet of the Apes pastiche, some scathing satire on capitalism, or a somewhat subtler and more twisted tale? You’ve got 400 words to play with and they must include the following three…




I’ve had further queries regarding the plasticity of these words (iconic? faceted? outsmarting? etc) so I’m going to make this even simpler for you – don’t worry about it. So long as the base word is there in some form I’m not going to kick your arse about it. The rules are guidelines to help direct you and focus you. Try to get it bang on if you want the extra challenge, but don’t beat yourself up about it if you need to give things a bit of a tweak. That’s creativity.

Your deadline is midnight GMT on Wednesday 3rd April. Please note – this will be the last one for a month because my family and I will be off on our New Zealand adventures.

I can’t afford to post prizes out to people every week but… Tell you what, as the last one was so popular, I’ll do a free short-story edit for the winner of this one. Now, get out there and write something amazing. Don’t forget to send it back to me at dion@thefinetoothed.com with the subject heading Flashes #7.

Oh, and do feel free to contact me there if you have any editorial work you want to discuss. My prices are finally increasing in April, but you can freeze them at the current level if you book me during March.

Dion xxx

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