Flashes of inspiration #5 – Challenge

Morning all, bit of admin first, and then we’ll get on to the new Flashes of Inspiration contest on the other side of the jump. First up, I’d like to congratulate Steve Toase for winning last week’s contest. I’ve gone back and updated all of the previous posts so the names of the authors appear next to their work, as well as declaring their status as (WINNER) or (RUNNER UP). Nice to have all the info together should folk want to revisit them.

Last time around I promised some clarification on the Key Word rule, so here it is: As alternatives to the given Key Words, writers may use plurals or any variants that appear on the same dictionary entry at dictionary.com (For example, the entry for maniac defines the noun but also lists the adjective, maniacal.)

Okay, I think that covers it. The featured image this time is by a photographer called Chris Luckhardt, but I’d encourage the writers not to look him up just yet. Wouldn’t want the real story behind the picture to cage your imaginations. I’ll add a link to his article next week, once all the pieces have been submitted.

Your key words this time are:




Let’s start contracting the word limit again – no more than 400 words, please. No particular theme this time. I can see many different ways this could be taken. The deadline is midnight GMT on Wednesday, 6th March. Please e-mail your submission to me at dion@thefinetoothed.com with the subject Flashes 5 so I can keep track of them. As ever, I shall post them up anonymously next Thursday and we’ll get the voting going again. Hopefully I’ll be able to get Opinion Stage up and running again, because using the Comments section to vote last time did not go well. (Hm. Perhaps people prefer their votes to be anonymous too?) We’ll see.

Anyway, get outta here; you’ve got writing to do. And me? Yeah, I’ll be taking part again. Got to keep the old creative juices going, after all.

Have fun! I’ll see you next week.

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