Flashes of inspiration #4 – Challenge

Welcome back to the Flashes of Inspiration writing challenge. I’m sorry it’s late; yesterday was messy and frustrating on the work-front. Oh well, onwards and upwards! Previous winners are noted on each of the ‘Entries’ posts retrospectively but I feel like I haven’t been doing enough to big them up. I’ll be sure to do better in the future. Let’s start by formerly congratulating Penny Jones, who won the latest contest with a little belter called Boiler, and Alexandra Peel, our very first victor, who wrote The Weather Winder. If you fancy having a go at this next challenge, hop on over the line to get your key words.

As ever, we have a visual prompt up at the top to use any which way you like. I’m afraid I can’t credit the artist because my tech-fu doesn’t stretch to gymnastic reverse image search thingies. It’s printed on a tea-towel. I like it. Shut up. Anyway, our past contests have been gradually tightening up the word count. I had originally planned to continue that trend here but instead I think I’ll give you a chance to breathe. Stretch your muscles. So, if you need them, you can go back up to 500 words. I’m looking for a piece of prose, poetry, or song that evokes a real sense of Myth.

The three key words you must use within your piece are:




Your deadline is midnight on Wednesday 20th February. I’ll post up the anonymous entries the following day and open it up for a week of voting.

I’ve got a couple of ideas myself. And I’m taking the day off on Wednesday. Hmm…

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

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