Flashes of inspiration #3 – Challenge

Hello all, and welcome back to my little flash fiction contest. For those of you new to it, I’ve set this up as a way to challenge myself to write creatively on a regular basis. It’s all very well for me to sit back as an editor and tell everyone else how they can improve they’re work, isn’t it? No – I need to get my hands dirty too. Do the groundwork. Feel what you feel. Not all on my own, of course. I’d love you to join in – professionals and amateurs alike. It’s a bit of fun, a bit of a competition, you can even treat it as a puzzle to solve.

I’ll publish my bits here to keep you company if the numbers are low, but I’ll step back to give you the stage when there are enough of you taking part. Right – enough of the guff. You know the rules: the picture above is for inspiration, and the three words below all have to be used in your story. Let’s twist the rack a little tighter – maximum of 300 words for your stories this week. Any subject, any genre. It could even be poetry. Whatever floats your boat.

Your randomly selected words this week are:




Let’s see what we can all make of that. The deadline is midnight on Wednesday 6th February. Please e-mail your submissions to me at dion@thefinetoothed.co.uk so I can keep track of them. They’ll be posted up anonymously at first so everyone can vote over the course of the following week. I’ll reveal the authors and the winner on Thursday 14th Feb.

Have fun!

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