Flashes of inspiration #11 – Challenge

Welcome once more to Flashes of Inspiration, my bi-weekly flash fiction contest. We’ve had 10 games of free-play, and it’s been loads of fun, but I think it’s time to get a little more challenging. For the next 10 contests, I’ll be pushing out of my comfort zone and hopefully dragging you lot with me. Why? Well, it’s all good exercise. Stretching different writing muscles and so on.

So, this first challenge is to find a new perspective. Flipping expectations. Same rules as ever: 400 words, 1 picture to help inspire and 3 key words to be included in some way…





Right then, let’s see what we can make of that. The artist once more, is Cyril Rolando. I urge you to check out his work on Deviant Art. Quite a talent!

The deadline for entries is midnight, Friday 2nd August (GMT). No prizes yet, save personal pride. From now on, I’ll be selecting the winner from you folks rather than putting it to the vote. However, I welcome thoughtful Comments from guests and writers alike, either responding to the pieces or unpacking their creative vision. Whilst the environment is nominally competitive, my purpose is always working towards improving our art. If we can learn and have a little fun as well, then all to the good.

Finally, I’d like to invite all my friends and visitors here to submit suggestions for future challenges – either arresting images or exercises to try. It doesn’t matter if you join in or not. Make it tough. Hurt me. I want to feel the creative burn as I write. You can do this on the Comments section below, or else via social media. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and I’ve also finally decided to start using Instagram properly. (Or I’ll try to, anyway.)

That’s about it from me. Dig in. I’ll see you on the other side.

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