Flashes of inspiration #1 – Challenge

Happy New Year to you all, and welcome to the first of my Flash Fiction competitions.

You can write in any genre, any format. Experimentation is fun so try to push your boundaries. The images I post might help to evoke a tone or a setting for you but they don’t have to be taken literally. However, each of the word prompts that I post must be used somewhere in your writing. I’d like your pieces to be no longer than 500 words, please.

The submission deadline for this first flash is midnight on Wednesday 9th Jan 2019. Email them to dion@thefinetoothed.co.uk please, as my main address is playing up.

Your image prompt is up at the top and here are your first batch of words, randomly snagged from the O.E.D.




If you missed my previous post about the competition, or would like a reminder of the finer details, here’s how it all works:

‘Flashes of Inspiration’ will run on a fortnightly basis. I’ll post up a prompt on Day 1 (always a Thursday) and participants will then have a single week to write and submit their pieces to me via email. Anyone can have a go. These pieces will be posted up on my website in an anonymised form on the following Thursday, and at that point it’ll be opened up for voting.

At the end of the second week, I’ll credit each writer under their submissions and announce the winner. We’ll keep on going for as long as people find it useful, interesting, and fun. Initially we’d be playing purely for the exercise, but I’m also thinking of offering up small editing jobs as prizes every once in a while. This will be clearly announced in advance.

As the competition host, I have the right to refuse entries if I feel they are unsuitable for any reason. I also retain the right to display your submissions on my website without recourse to payment, given that this is a writing exercise and not a profit-making endeavour. Nevertheless, I acknowledge the copyright held by each author as far as any re-publication is concerned, either online or in print. (If you can sell your pieces elsewhere, you have my blessings.)

Go forth into 2019 and shine like the stars that you are.


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