Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions


Each voucher is only ever worth the face value at the time of purchase.

The person purchasing the vouchers will receive an invoice confirming the cost. This may be used as evidence should a validity dispute arise.



Each voucher may only be used in a single transaction. However, multiple services may be purchased in a single transaction

(e.g. a £200 Performed Reading gift voucher could be used towards the purchase of 3 x Short Story Full Edit vouchers (at the current voucher cost of £80 per max 5000 word short story) to then be topped off with £40 cash.)

Vouchers may equally be used in combination for their purchase value towards a larger editorial project.

(e.g. An £80 Short Story Full Edit vouchers could be used in combination with a £200 Performed Reading gift voucher towards the total cost of a Critique or the Full Edit of a Novel)

As face values may change over time with new vouchers being issued, a record will be kept of each voucher at time of purchase.

No credit or change will be given on the unused portion of a voucher. However, should the voucher recipient wish to break down an unspent voucher to smaller denominations (e.g. because they only have 1 x short story they need edited at present), this will be considered. Please e-mail to discuss matters.



The Fine-toothed Comb gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

There will be no replacement of lost or stolen gift vouchers.


Voucher ownership

As an anti-forgery protection, the intended recipient of the voucher must be divulged to The Fine-toothed Comb at the time of purchase.

Once purchased for that recipient, gift vouchers may not be sold or transferred to a different person unless

1) The purchaser e-mails to inform me of the transfer, including the name of the new recipient or

2) The originally-named recipient e-mails to inform me of the transfer, including the name of the new recipient.

In either case, that person must receive a confirmation email from The Fine-toothed Comb for the transfered voucher to be honoured.


Voucher Validation

Each voucher will include a unique validation code which must be given to The Fine-toothed Comb by the recipient when they spend it.

Once the validation code and recipient name have been confirmed on the database, the voucher will be considered used. It cannot then be used again. The voucher will be represented on the invoice, and the service (and/or value) marked as Paid.



Gift vouchers will not be redeemable after their expiry date.

If extenuating circumstances have prevented the use of a voucher before its expiration, the recipient or purchaser may e-mail to discuss matters. A replacement voucher may then be issued at the discretion of the business.

(Correct as of 06/05/2022)


Please Note

These Terms and Conditions shall be updated at any time without notice where appropriate. Should this happen, all alterations will be clearly marked and dated.

The Fine-toothed Comb endeavours to be fair to all of its customers, so if any alterations disproportionately affect you (or the recipient), please make your case via e-mail to

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